Make Your Own All-natural Baby Wipes

BabyWipes.pngBaby wipes are pretty darn expensive. Plus, have you read the ingredients? Yikes. They’re full of harsh, artificial ingredients that can cause skin irritations. That doesn’t sound too appealing. Recently, Water Wipes came out. Now these are pretty great from an ingredient standpoint, but wow! They’re even MORE expensive–despite have FEWER things in them…

I started making my own several months ago and haven’t looked back. By using all-natural ingredients and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, they’re much gentler on the skin. I make them using both disposable and cloth, reusable wipes.

If you want to use disposable wipes, I like these dry wipes from Amazon. As you can see in the picture, I just love this OXO wipe dispenser for use at home. For use on the go, I purchased the Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean, used the wipes it came with, and then refilled the clutch with my own wipes going forward. Other companies make an empty clutch you can purchase, but most are actually more expensive than the Huggies one, so I opted for the cost savings.

If you would like to use cloth, reusable wipes, I really like these bamboo wipes from Babygoal. For home use, I just store these in a quart-size mason jar, then throw them in with my cloth diapers to wash. For use on the go, the easiest way I’ve found to transport these is simple ziploc bags. Use them once, then toss them.

The essential oils in my recipe are optional, but they’re great for soothing your baby’s bottom and helping to heal any irritations that may arise. I use lavender and melaleuca (tea tree). Lavender is a gentle essential oil known for its soothing and calming effects. Melaleuca is great for any type of skin irritation, making it a perfect additive to your wipes to help heal and prevent diaper rash.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I ONLY use and recommend doTERRA oils. Please, especially for your little one, do NOT use the essential oils available at your local grocery store or box store. They have synthetic additives that can be harsh on the skin and certainly won’t help you or your little in the long run.

Ready to get started? All of the ingredients have links to purchase them on Amazon if you need. For disposables, I make 60 wipes at a time. *Note: if you use the ones I referenced above in the dispenser I referenced, you’ll need to refold the dry wipes before putting them in the dispenser in order to easily pull them out one at a time. See the photos below. This is of course optional–but believe me when I say it’s worth the effort! For reusables, I put about 24 wipes in the mason jar at one time (just fill it as much as you can depending on the size of your wipes) and then pour the solution over the top, cap, and shake. Just stuff them in the jar any which way; it’s actually easier to pull them out this way than if you try to fold them nicely into the jar.



  1. Fold and stack disposable wipes in dispenser (see photos below), OR stuff reusable wipes into mason jar.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl or pouring measuring cup (I use the Pyrex glass measuring cups since they’re easy to mix in and pour from).
  3. Pour over wipes.
    • For disposable wipes, be sure to pour slowly and cover the entire stack of wipes. I then close the lid and gently roll the container to ensure all wipes are saturated.
    • For reusable wipes, simply cap your jar and shake or roll the jar to saturate all wipes.
  4. Because the wipes solution includes no preservatives, be sure to use all wipes within 10-14 days (or 7 days if you used plain tap water).
  5. Clean your dispenser/jar with a mild soap and warm water, and allow to dry fully before refilling.
  6. NOTE: Because wipe and dispenser sizes vary, you may need to adjust your ingredient measurements until you find the right volume that fully wets all your wipes without leaving them too dry or too wet.

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