About Jodi

I am a mom (to a toddler, two fur kids, and another tiny human on the way), wife, daughter, sister, blogger, entrepreneur, consultant, tech guru, golfer, Vikings fan, Marvel fan, runner, bicyclist, musician, and so much more! I love everything about nature and the outdoors (except for those pesky mosquitoes), and I love the possibility of living a more natural life. From cloth diapering to homemade dog food to essential oils (and anything and everything in between), I’ve created this site to share my experiences.

I met my husband singing in the Concordia Choir at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where I was a music theory and composition major. After college, I worked for an opera company, a social services organization, a bank, and a TV station. Then I began work on my master of business administration while working in retail in the pet industry. That job eventually moved us from Fargo, ND, to Sioux Falls, SD. After six years at the pet store, I moved on to my true passion–teaching. I started Jot (formerly Hoyt Consulting), where I am a content specialist and blogger, in early 2011, and I started teaching business at Southeast Tech in Sioux Falls in 2012.

I loved blogging and sharing my natural solutions so much that I started to put my Simple Family Remedies into words in 2017, and this site was born.

To learn more about me and what I do as a content specialist, visit JotWithJodi.com.