homemade, natural sunscreen that WORKS!

One of the top things requested when we made the switch to natural products was an all-natural sunscreen that actually worked. My first attempt was terrible and didn’t work at all. Being the guinea pig for that was fun! The second attempt, however, works great and is easy to make! Before I get to theContinue reading “homemade, natural sunscreen that WORKS!”

why you should switch to natural deodorant

When making the switch to natural products in your home, deodorant is often one we cringe about. No one wants to be smelly or have pit stains. But do you know what antiperspirants do? They stop a natural body process–sweating. While the sweat might be an inconvenience at times, our body needs to do it. Stopping that isn’t aContinue reading “why you should switch to natural deodorant”

Homemade, All-natural Bug Spray, DEET-free

When we made the switch to all-natural products, one of the things most frequently requested by my family and readers was a recipe for all-natural bug spray that actually works. I mixed this up a few weeks ago, and then it got cold again, so I didn’t get to try it for a while. LastContinue reading “Homemade, All-natural Bug Spray, DEET-free”

skin to bloodstream: 26 seconds

26 seconds. When we put something on our skin (be it soap, lotion, sunblock, or anything else we touch), its ingredients are in our bloodstream in 26 seconds. Yes, seconds. Once those ingredients hit our bloodstream, they circulate through the entire body and begin to affect all sorts of bodily functions. Now with that inContinue reading “skin to bloodstream: 26 seconds”

conventional and holistic medicine: integration for success

I read an article recently about the benefits of integrating holistic medicine with conventional approaches. Everything it touched on hit home for me and my approach to our family’s healthcare. I’ve said it before, and my opinion won’t change: conventional medicine and preventive care (like vaccines and regular checkups) are essential to our well-being. But,Continue reading “conventional and holistic medicine: integration for success”

transforming our health care

We started using essential oils for our dogs (for calming, deodorizing, and other things) a few years ago. Having worked in the pet industry for almost ten years, I’d seen it all on the store shelves – sprays and supplements for calming, sprays for deodorizing, countless different shampoos and conditioners, spot-on treatments and collars forContinue reading “transforming our health care”

medicine cabinet natural makeover

I want to start off by saying I fully believe in the necessities of medical attention and doctors when needed. Sometimes, though, when we have colds or an upset stomach or a headache, a trip to the doctor isn’t necessary. Until recently, those ailments sent me to the medicine cabinet in hopes of something toContinue reading “medicine cabinet natural makeover”

storage containers for homemade products

Because pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are so potent, it’s recommended that you store your homemade products in glass containers rather than plastic. Many people even prefer to store in cobalt (dark blue) or amber glass containers to keep out the light. Depending how fast you’ll be using the product and where it will be storedContinue reading “storage containers for homemade products”

homemade, all-natural mold & mildew cleaner

I came to a horrible realization the other day (one I’m quite embarrassed to even tell you about). For the sake of helping others, though, I’ll tell my story. After a winter of running a humidifier in my son’s room and not paying too much attention the window, we’d created a black mold monster. AllContinue reading “homemade, all-natural mold & mildew cleaner”

my favorite diffuser blends

When you get going with essential oils, you’ll quickly learn just how many different things you can do with them! My favorite is diffusing. Because of their aromatic qualities, essential oils are perfect for diffusing. Not only do they provide a pleasant fragrance, but they also can provide many other benefits! We have three diffusersContinue reading “my favorite diffuser blends”