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My name is Jodi, and I am Mom to a toddler, two fur kids, and another tiny human on the way! I am a natural products creator and blogger in Sioux Falls, SD. I created this page to share my experiences on this journey to Simple Family Remedies. Check out my posts, try the recipes, share your feedback and experiences, and ask any questions you may have! Visit the Classes page to learn about FREE upcoming classes. Before you get too far on your own journey to simple family remedies, I have a few things for you to consider:

Not a DIY’er?

If making it yourself isn’t right up your alley, I’d be happy to make something for you. Visit the Shop Now page, and purchase products directly from me today.

Where to Buy the Ingredients to Make it Yourself

Many of the ingredients used can be purchased at your local health market (or even your grocery store). For each post, the ingredients can also be clicked for a link to an online purchase on Amazon (excluding the essential oils). Amazon is an affiliate partner of mine. If you choose to purchase through the links I provide, you’ll get a great deal on the product, AND you’ll support me. Thank you! For the essential oils, keep reading; I discuss that next!

Essential Oils

Essential oils are not all created equal. When I first started using them many years ago, I didn’t know that. I bought what was available at Walmart and our local grocery store. I found out several months later that they weren’t all the same. Pure oils are therapeutic-grade, making them much more effective and much safer. I now only use and recommend doTERRA oils. If you’d like to purchase doTERRA oils, contact me for more information.

Join doTERRA Today

The number of essential oil brands out there is HUGE! Click here to learn why I chose doTERRA, why it’s the only company I’ll recommend, and how you benefit by becoming a member.

Are you ready to start your doTERRA journey? Join today! It’s sort of like getting a Costco or Sam’s membership. Click here to join now. Need some assistance through the membership setup process? I’m happy to help! Contact me, and we can schedule a time that works to walk you through it, OR check out this helpful Google doc with step-by-step instructions.

Already enrolled with doTERRA? Learn how to make the most of your membership by viewing my digital membership overview!

Why Glass Storage?

You’ll find a number of my recipes indicate that you should store in glass containers. Many people ask why. Pure essential oils are quite potent. If you store the recipes with essential oils in plastic, then, there’s the potential for the oils to start to eat through the plastic. I also recommend you store your oils (and any products you’ve made with oils in them) in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and warmth can accelerate the expiration of those oils. That’s why many people recommend using not only glass but dark glass like amber or cobalt. If you’re planning to use your product within say a month or two and can keep it in a dark place when not being used, clear glass storage is perfectly fine. Click here for a list of the storage items I use and links to purchase them on Amazon.


While many homemade products are FAR cheaper than their store-bought counterparts, sometimes these homemade solutions are a bit more expensive. For me, if spending a few more dollars means I can avoid all the chemicals and artificial ingredients in those other products, then that’s A-OK with me!

Another thought on cost…even though the “per-product” price is often cheaper when you make it yourself, getting all the ingredients when you first get started can be a bit expensive. Pure essential oils like those mentioned above, beeswax, and high-quality coconut oils, for example, are not cheap. However, once you get your stock, many of the ingredients are used in multiple recipes, so again, the “per-product” price is usually less.

Lack of “Suds”

Ok, last tidbit here… You know what makes soap (dish soap, shampoo, laundry soap, you name it) sudsy? For the most part, it’s the chemicals that do that. One of the first things many people notice when they start making cleaning products is the lack of suds. They often think that means it isn’t working, but that’s not true. Don’t be discouraged if your products don’t have a ton of bubbles–it’s normal!

Thanks again for visiting my site. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them for you! Please comment on the post you’re curious about, or visit my contact page to get in touch.


*Disclaimer: All articles are my own opinion, and suggestions and ideas are not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any illness or other ailment, nor are they intended to be a replacement for medical treatment.

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