beat the cold!


For the first year of our son’s life, he wasn’t in daycare at all. When he was about one, though, he started to going to daycare four days a week for a total of about 20 hours a week. He loved being there, playing with the other kids and experiencing new things like painting, sensory development, and a sand box! Unfortunately, though, within his first few days, he picked up a cold that would go on to last for four months. While we understood the importance of exposing him to these things to build his immune system, we also struggled with the symptoms. At his age, medicines to curb the symptoms of course weren’t an option.

Then I got into essential oils, and I learned about the value of high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils. I haven’t looked back since! When he woke up on a Thursday with a runny nose and shared it with me by Thursday night, we began our all-natural treatment. I’m happy to report I was symptom free in 4 days, and he kicked it in just 5! For a kid his age, that’s fantastic! (Our pediatrician told us kids his age usually need 10-14 days to clear a virus.) Here’s our treatment plan:

  • For adults and older kids, I recommend using the Neti pot 2-3 times per day when you have cold symptoms. Read about it here.
  • For  babies and toddlers, get rid of that snot with the NoseFrida! It’s much more effective than the bulb syringe.
  • For everyone, diffuse the essential oils Breathe and lavender. The Breathe proprietary blend promotes clear airways and easy breathing. Lavender is often considered the multi-purpose oil, as it has countless benefits. One of those benefits for the common cold is its ability to help loosen phlegm and mucus.
  • Also great for everyone, apply a cough and congestion chest rub to help open the airways and breathe better. It can be applied as often as needed to the chest and neck. Get the recipe here.
  • Finally, don’t forget all the things your grandma said about getting rid of the cold: rest, drink plenty of clear fluids, and eat a healthy diet.