my favorite diffuser blends

When you get going with essential oils, you’ll quickly learn just how many different things you can do with them! My favorite is diffusing. Because of their aromatic qualities, essential oils are perfect for diffusing. Not only do they provide a pleasant fragrance, but they also can provide many other benefits!

We have three diffusers in our house: one in our bedroom, one in our son’s bedroom, and one in the living room. Two of them are the InnoGear diffuser that I purchased on Amazon. These can run either continuously or intermittently, and they have a fun LED light available (don’t worry, it can be turned off). When you run them intermittently, I find they can run for 10-12 hours! That’s perfect for overnight diffusing in the bedrooms. The other diffuser we have is the doTERRA petal diffuser. It runs continuously for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours. Both types hold up to 150 mL of water. Assuming you’re using pure oils, I recommend using 8-10 drops of oil per 150 mL of water.

I’m always trying different combinations of essential oils in my diffusers! As I’ve mentioned before, I use and recommend doTERRA oils. Click here for more information on those. Here are some of my favorites (again, per 150 mL of water). Share your favorites in the comments!

  • Runny nose: 4 drops OnGuard (doTERRA proprietary blend), 3 drops Breathe (doTERRA proprietary blend), 3 drops lemongrass
  • Cough: 4 drops Breathe (doTERRA proprietary blend), 3 drops melaleuca, 3 drops eucalyptus
  • Congestion: 4 drops Breathe (doTERRA proprietary blend), 3 drops peppermint, 3 drops eucalyptus
  • Relaxation: 6 drops lavender, 4 drops wild orange
  • Fever: 3 drops peppermint, 3 drops lavender, 3 drops eucalyptus
  • Increase focus and alertness: 4 drops peppermint, 3 drops lemon, 3 drops frankincense
  • Headache: 5 drops peppermint, 5 drops lavender
  • Upset stomach: 6 drops peppermint, 4 drops ginger
  • Sadness: 3 drops lemon, 3 drops lavender, 4 drops ylang ylang
  • Immune boost: 5 drops frankincense, 5 drops OnGuard