homemade, all-natural mold & mildew cleaner


I came to a horrible realization the other day (one I’m quite embarrassed to even tell you about). For the sake of helping others, though, I’ll tell my story. After a winter of running a humidifier in my son’s room and not paying too much attention the window, we’d created a black mold monster. All around the trim, black mold was growing right there under our noses.

Our son had developed a morning cough. It reminded me of seasonal allergies–a few minutes of coughing first thing in the morning and then little to no coughing the rest of the day. At first we thought it was a cold, but he didn’t have any other cold symptoms, and it only happened in the morning. Then we thought it was allergies. Allergy medicine did seem to help, but then I wondered: wouldn’t allergies bother him all day? Then my husband saw the mold. We were horrified. I hated the idea of using a chemical cleaner on it, so I got out my doTERRA Essential Oil Usage Guide, and I did some research.

This is a simple recipe, and it works well! You’ll need a 4-ounce glass spray bottle. Not sure where to get one? Check here.


To make it, simply put the water and essential oil into your bottle, and shake. Spray the affected area, and wipe clean with a warm, wet rag. Spray again, and wipe clean again.