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Conventional and Holistic Medicine: Integration for Success

I read an article recently about the benefits of integrating holistic medicine with conventional approaches. Everything it touched on hit home for me and my approach to our family’s healthcare. I’ve said it before, and my opinion won’t change: conventional medicine and preventive care (like vaccines and regular checkups) are essential to our well-being. But, I also believe in the power of our body’s ability to heal itself with the right tools. Integrating holistic medicine with conventional medicine is (in my opinion) the key to our health.

Our bodies are amazing creations – built to withstand and heal. Unfortunately, though, we hinder those abilities every day when we put things on our skin or into our bodies that are filled with harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Now, our bodies have to combat those toxins, and sometimes, they just can’t keep up. For many of us, this is when we reach for yet another chemical to fight those symptoms – the pain relievers, the cold medicine, even the lotion to deal with the rash or dry skin. (The list could go on and on.) Now, in addition to fighting the original toxins, our bodies are given more toxins to fight.

Herein lies the vicious cycle – toxins to fight toxins. What if instead of “treating” the symptoms, we dealt with the cause? What if we ate whole foods instead of processed foods? What if we repaired our cells, so they could do their job and repair our bodies? What if we balanced our omegas by getting enough omega 3s? What if, what if, what if?

What if instead of saying “what if,” we actually made the changes? There’s a crazy thought! A couple months ago, I joined doTERRA, and I haven’t looked back! I’ll be the first to admit: my diet is not awesome, and I don’t always make the best choices. It’s getting better, though! I’m focusing on eating more whole foods and drinking more water. I’ve also started taking an awesome trio of supplements to help my body do its job: a whole foods, multivitamin to make up for some of the things I’m missing in my diet; an omega 3 to balance the omega 6s I get in my diet already; and a cellular complex supplement to fight oxidative stress and promote cell well-being. Finally, I’ve replaced our entire medicine cabinet with all-natural, essential oil-based remedies.

Are you ready to join me on this journey? Contact me today to get started.

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Transforming our Health Care

We started using essential oils for our dogs (for calming, deodorizing, and other things) a few years ago. Having worked in the pet industry for almost ten years, I’d seen it all on the store shelves – sprays and supplements for calming, sprays for deodorizing, countless different shampoos and conditioners, spot-on treatments and collars for flea and tick prevention, you name it. They all had one thing in common, though: they were FILLED with chemicals and other artificial ingredients. I didn’t like the idea of putting those things on (or into the stomachs of) our dogs, so I started looking for natural alternatives.

Fast forward a few years, and our family has now transformed our health care! Don’t get me wrong; we go to the doctor for our regular check-ups and vaccinations for our son. Our dogs see the vet annually for their vaccinations and dental care. But, gone are the days of reaching for pain killers for a headache, cold medicine for a stuffy nose, and even my daily allergy medicine!

Our “medicine cabinet” now includes homemade, all-natural remedies for aches and pains, cough and congestion, cut and scrape care, and more. I also have a roller bottle to help boost the immune system. The dogs wear homemade, all-natural flea/tick collars that work great. I have a roller bottle to ease my dog’s arthritis pain and stiffness.

It’s empowering knowing what to do when you feel the sniffles come on or some tension in your head. It’s awesome knowing I don’t have to take pills to manage my allergies. Did I also mention these homemade remedies are generally far cheaper than their store-bought, chemical-filled counterparts? And the best part of course – they’re natural. No weird side effects; no unknown, lasting concerns; safe for our whole family.

Interested in learning more? Contact me today for more information, and check out my other blog posts for recipes.