all-natural, homemade fabric freshener


With four furry pets in the house, we used Febreze a lot. I mean…a lot. Unfortunately, those store-bought fabric fresheners are quite expensive, and they have lots of chemicals and artificial ingredients in them (which are then being sprayed all over your carpet, furniture, and clothes!). Plus, how do you bottle “meadows” and “fresh linen”? This homemade version is all-natural, easy to make, and inexpensive!

I made it in a 4-oz glass spray bottle, but you can certainly make a larger batch and put it into a bigger bottle. Not sure where to buy the bottle? Check here.


  • 2 tbsp vodka (feel free to use the cheap stuff!)
  • 10 drops essential oils of choice (I use 5 lemon and 5 wild orange)
  • filtered water (I use RO)

Make It:

  1. Add vodka and essential oils to bottle.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with filtered water.
  3. Shake.

Be sure to shake gently before each use, as the ingredients will separate. Use this on your carpet, your clothes, your furniture, and any other fabrics in need of refreshing! Oh and in case you’re wondering, the vodka is used to help the water dissipate when spraying.

Cost Comparison:

  • This recipe: 15 cents per ounce
  • Febreze at Walmart: 18 cents per ounce